When looking at copiers for sale it helps if you know the differences between the various models on the market. You should also have an idea of your budget as it will help reduce the number of copiers you need to look at. There are so many models on the market today, it is easy to become confused so it helps if you first think of all the functions you would like to see in the machine. You also need to decide if you want to buy new or have a look at the used copiers’ sale pages. Finally some people will have a preference when it comes to brand names with some only wanting to buy Sharp copiers while others don’t really care so long as it is a brand name they recognize. Xerox is one brand everyone knows.

Look for a digital copier in copiers for sale listings

You will probably want to buy a digital copier. The old fashioned analog copiers are much slower partly because the process of copying your documents is more involved. They used an internal mirror and static electricity to copy and create an image on the drum. In a similar way to the workings of a laser printer, this image was then transferred to paper by heating up the toner and attaching it to the fibers of the paper.

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A digital copier will digitally scan the document onto the memory. The internal laser will then imprint the image on to the drum. Toner is then applied and your paperwork is printed out. Because the machine works from the memory you have the choice of how the document is delivered. Depending on the machine you purchase, in additional to being able to print a hard copy you can also send them electronically via email or as a fax. It is very difficult to tell the original from the copy if you have used a digital copier. There are no streaks or funny marks that you often got with an analog copier. Don’t let the initial price of the digital copier put you off. Yes it is more expensive than most of the analog models but the toner cartridges tend to last much longer which means that over time you will save money. It may also use less electricity.

What to look for in copiers for sale?

When looking for copiers for a business buy slightly more functionality than you need at present. Your hope will be that your business continues to grow. You do not want to buy copiers on sale and realize in less than 6 months you have outgrown that particular model. This also holds true for technology which advances very quickly. When Microsoft VISTA was launched and people switched over they often found their copiers were not compatible. So check the canon copier or other model you are buying is compatible with your software system.

If possible go to see the copiers in action and bring some of the paper you would normally use to print documents. When you see a copier you like, ask for a live demonstration using your own paper so you can see exactly what the results are. When you are satisfied this is the right model for you don’t just buy it there in the shop. You can often find Xerox deals if you shop around. You can also try asking the salesman if he will give you a discount for cash. If he can’t give you a reduced price he may throw in some toners or even some paper. In this difficult economy it is sometimes surprising what you can achieve just by asking the question. Don’t be shy!