Black & white laser printers are found in most offices today be they home or commercial businesses. The laser printer has been extremely popular almost since it was introduced by Xerox in the late 70′s. So how do these printers work?

Black & white laser printers

When you want to print a document using black & white laser printers you will send the command via your laptop or PC. The printer is managed by a small internal computer. Some of the more advanced ones will have the ability to queue up different jobs so it can handle a number of printing jobs at once which increased its popularity as an effective business tool.

A laser printer works using positive and negative charges. Depending on the make this process can be reversed but in general the internal drum will hold a positive charge. The internal laser will create an electrostatic image on the drum using a negative charge. When this is passed through the toner, the ink will cling to the electrostatic image as it is attracted to the negative charge. When this image is transferred to the paper, the toner is heated slightly making it stick to the paper fibers. A discharge lamp clears the drum of all images making it ready for the next printing job. This all happens incredibly quickly resulting in a very speedy print runs.

But it also means that Laser printers are more suitable for the smaller print jobs i.e. ones not involving large posters or complicated images as their memory can become full very quickly. When you are buying your printer look for memory capability of at least 4 MB which is fine for most small businesses. But if you want a faster printer you may want to increase both the memory size and the page rate or PPM as it is known. Most basic printers will have a 20 page per minute rate which may be too slow if you are going to be printing a lot.

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Black & white laser printer features

The main feature that people like about these types of printers is they are very economical to use. They may initially cost more than an inkjet printer but the running costs tend to be lower. Toner cartridges are usually cheaper than inkjet ones. With an inkjet printer you have to use a specific type of paper which can be expensive. There is no requirement for this with a laser printer. When you go to buy your printer look at the costs of the replacement toner cartridges as it can vary from brand to brand. But remember that although they may seem expensive, each one is capable of printing many pages.

Other features you might want to consider are the fact that most black and white laser printers are designed for printing text. If you want to print photos you need to look for a photo quality laser printer which are available but cost more.

What else should you look at when choosing a black white laser printer?

Check the printer resolution especially if you are going to be printing a lot of graphics. If this is the case, to get best results you need to be looking at 2400 X 2400 DPI at least.

Black and white laser printer reviews are worth reading as you will be able to see what other people thought of different brands. You can see at a glance what they liked and disliked and how that information relates to your personal requirements. For example if you always use medium weight paper when printing the fact that a certain brand doesn’t print properly on heavy paper is not relevant to your purchasing decision.

You should buy a recognized brand name as not only as they tend to provide higher quality products but they also provide an after care service in case something goes wrong. Samsung, Brother, HP and Epsom are some of the most recognized on the market today. Although technology improvements are fantastic, the more sophisticated a device the more it can go wrong. You do not want to be left with a black & white laser printer you can’t use.