Interested in purchasing a laser printer copier? Despite recent trends of having a paperless office the photocopier is still one of the best selling office products. Paperless offices may work in the future but until that date, you will always need a copier to copy documents into a hard copy or for sending onto customers, your bank or perhaps suppliers by email etc.

Factors to consider before buying a laser printer copier

Before you rush into buying a wireless laser printer copier or perhaps one with a scanner, it makes sense to work out what you need the machine for. If you only print a couple of bills or mail shots once a day you won’t need the same functions that someone who works in a very busy office will need. You have probably already set your budget but you can make your money go a lot further when you buy things that you will actually use rather than products you need an engineering degree to switch on.

A HP laser printer copier or Brother or Canon are all good brands to choose from. These companies have been in this market for years and each of them spends a fortune on innovation and product design. HP is particularly committed to being “greener”, for example they have seemingly promised to only use recycled plastic in their cartridges from now on. So if you are concerned about your carbon footprint but also need a laser printer copier they may be the company to buy from.

If you buy a second hand copier you may pick up an analog one. The majority of the new machines are digital as it is so much faster and gives you better quality of documents. If you hate cables then a wireless laser printer copier is probably the right one for you. Before you purchase make sure the machine is compatible with the laptop or computer software you are using.

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Some terms that may cause you confusion when you read laser printer copier reviews are resolution and PPM. Similar to your camera, the resolution of the copier will determine the sharpness and clarity of the image being printed. Resolution is measured in dots per inch but only those who need very good images such as graphic artists need the highest resolution machines. Don’t be tempted to buy a laser printer copier scanner with really high resolution if all you print is text documents.

PPM is the number of pages printed per minute. Most offices will work well with a laser printer copier that can produce 20 ppm i.e. pages per minute. Some machines will have added functions such as stapling documents automatically.

As mentioned above you can have a number of functions built into your photocopier. It can also act as a fax machine, document storage facility and a scanner. It might not yet be able to make the coffee but just above every other function you would want is covered in the laser copier printer.

Laser copier printer reviews

We have suggested above that you read laser copier printer reviews prior to making a purchase. These will help you in your purchasing decision as someone may have similar requirements to yours and will tell you whether the printer they bought met them. You will also learn of any companies whose customer service and product support may be less than ideal.

If you read these reviews you will find that very few problems occur with the mechanics of the printer but are more usually caused by the users. It is amazing how often people will buy sophisticated machines yet fail to read the manual. Common complaints are issues involving the paper and toner. Toners need to be kept in dry areas as damp affects them and that can lead to problems. Try to position your printer in a well ventilated area and have them regularly serviced in order to keep them in top working condition. Your laser printer copiers should last for a long time provided you take care of them.