Black & White Printers are available in inkjet, laser and thermal models. The right one for you will depend on the type of printing you are going to be doing the majority of the time. It helps when you know the difference between the three types.

Types of black white printers

Inkjet printers use nozzles to transfer the ink directly to the paper. They can either be a thermal bubble which are often called bubble jet printers, or a piezoelectric. The Bubble jet printers are the most common but if you want really great image quality you should look at Epsom piezoelectric printers. Inkjet printers have become much cheaper in recent years but they are only suitable for you are printing small quantities. The cartridges are expensive and do not last for long so you could end up spending all your profits on keeping your printer in ink.

Laser printers use positive and negative charges to print a document. They are relatively quick, quite cheap to use and great for producing text documents. But if you are going to be printing graphics or photos you will need a photo quality laser printer with high resolution. But you will probably still find the quality of the printed image will not match that produced by the inkjet printers. So this is not the black and white printer for you if you want to print lots of graphics.

Thermal printers are not as widely used in home offices or small business as inkjet or laser printers but this may change given advances in technology. They work by applying heat to a waxed ribbon which runs between the print head and the paper. They tend to be found in shops and retail outlets who use them to print your credit card receipts. They are also very useful for printing barcodes as this type of printing produces a result which is less likely to smudge or fade than the above alternative black and white printers.

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How do you decide which black and white printer to purchase?

Your purchasing decision will be influenced by the amount of money you have to spend. Always shop around so that you can make those dollars go further. Look at the print speed if you are going to be printing quite a few pages at a time on a regular basis. If you are going to print graphics or photos you will also want to look at the resolution too.

You have already made the first choice i.e. you have chosen to purchase a monochrome printer as opposed to a color one. If you only print text documents this is all you should need. If buying a laser printer, you should take the cost of the toner cartridges into account when making your purchasing decision. Some people will advise you to use generic cartridges but this may invalidate your warranty so you should check the manufacturers guidelines if this s something you intend doing. One way around this problem is to use the recommended brand until the warranty runs out, usually after a year, and then use the cheaper generic cartridges. If you care about the environment you may want to look at the costs of using refilled cartridges rather than new ones every time you run out. Also don’t just assume you only have to change the toner. Some brands will require you to change the toner and the drum every so often which will obviously increase the expenses associated with this product.

Thermal printers are more suited to those involved in retail operations. If you need to print barcodes for stock or credit card receipts for sales you might want to consider one of these printers. Make sure the one you purchase is compatible with your computer.

Regardless of whether you buy a laser or you decide that an inkjet printer is the one for you, check out the black and white printer reviews so that you can make an informed purchasing decision. You would be surprised at the differences that exist between even the top four brands i.e. Epsom, HP, Samsung and Canon printers.