When shopping for a black and white copier it pays to do your research so you do not become overwhelmed with all of the different terms. With the recession in full swing you can negotiate serious discounts with the salesperson but it helps when you sound like you know what you are talking about. All sales people use jargon so you just have to familiarize yourself with terms like digital and analog (the type of technology behind the copier), PPM and resolution (the number of pages printed per minute and the quality of the images produced), wireless or cabled etc.

Why chose a black and white copier?

Most people chose black and white copiers as colored ones are so much more expensive. You rarely need to reproduce something in color and if you do, there is bound to be another copier somewhere that you can use. But you can’t really function on a day to day basis in an office without a copier.

Some people prefer the old fashioned analog copiers but once you have used the modern digital ones, you will probably never want to use an old copier again. The digital ones can do so much more and are much quicker. You can send jobs to the copier without even leaving your desk. You can also schedule printing jobs which is a handy feature when you are very busy and want to get your day mapped out properly. Some of the modern black and white copiers have so many different features they can take a little getting used to. It is well worth reading the instruction manual as you will often find ways to speed up boring tasks leaving you with more time to get on with running your business or your home.

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Lease or buy your black and white copy machine?

Some business owners prefer to lease black and white copiers rather than buy one outright. Leasing is a handy option especially if the machine breaks down as you can have it serviced very quickly. You may even get an upgrade when the model becomes old in terms of technology advancements.

Some people don’t even bother with leasing as they believe that they don’t need a copier but will just use their printer. But this is not an efficient use of office resources unless you only need the odd copy here and there. Using a printer costs a lot more money than using a copier so if you are printing lots of documents, receipts etc you need at the very least a basic cheap black and white copier.

Don’t get too carried away when buying your black and white copy machine. You can find those that can fax, scan, collate and staple documents etc but if you only need to produce a text document once every day do you really need all these extra features? When reading product reviews, copiers must be compared like for like. Some people will expect a basic copier to perform as well as the latest device on the market. This is not reasonable. But if two copiers are in a similar price range then they should share similar characteristics. Black and white copier prices have come down in recent years so if you are currently leasing your copier it may be a good time to see if buying one outright is a better choice for your business.

When looking at product reviews, a cannon black and white copier tends to be very popular as are the range for Hewlett Packard machines. It helps when the company you have bought from have a US presence as you will be able to pick up additional equipment in the range as and when your business requires it. When buying your copier don’t look solely at your current business needs but look at the trends for growth. All office devices will eventually become obsolete but you do not want this happening six months after you buy your black and white copier.