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Interested in purchasing a laser printer copier? Despite recent trends of having a paperless office the photocopier is still one of the best selling office products. Paperless offices may work in the future but until that date, you will always need a copier to copy documents into a hard copy or for sending onto customers, your bank or perhaps suppliers by email etc.

Factors to consider before buying a laser printer copier

Before you rush into buying a wireless laser printer copier or perhaps one with a scanner, it makes sense to work out what you need the machine for. If you only print a couple of bills or mail shots once a day you won’t need the same functions that someone who works in a very busy office will need. You have probably already set your budget but you can make your money go a lot further when you buy things that you will actually use rather than products you need an engineering degree to switch on.

A HP laser printer copier or Brother or Canon are all good brands to choose from. These companies have been in this market for years and each of them spends a fortune on innovation and product design. HP is particularly committed to being “greener”, for example they have seemingly promised to only use recycled plastic in their cartridges from now on. So if you are concerned about your carbon footprint but also need a laser printer copier they may be the company to buy from.

If you buy a second hand copier you may pick up an analog one. The majority of the new machines are digital as it is so much faster and gives you better quality of documents. If you hate cables then a wireless laser printer copier is probably the right one for you. Before you purchase make sure the machine is compatible with the laptop or computer software you are using.

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Some terms that may cause you confusion when you read laser printer copier reviews are resolution and PPM. Similar to your camera, the resolution of the copier will determine the sharpness and clarity of the image being printed. Resolution is measured in dots per inch but only those who need very good images such as graphic artists need the highest resolution machines. Don’t be tempted to buy a laser printer copier scanner with really high resolution if all you print is text documents.

PPM is the number of pages printed per minute. Most offices will work well with a laser printer copier that can produce 20 ppm i.e. pages per minute. Some machines will have added functions such as stapling documents automatically.

As mentioned above you can have a number of functions built into your photocopier. It can also act as a fax machine, document storage facility and a scanner. It might not yet be able to make the coffee but just above every other function you would want is covered in the laser copier printer.

Laser copier printer reviews

We have suggested above that you read laser copier printer reviews prior to making a purchase. These will help you in your purchasing decision as someone may have similar requirements to yours and will tell you whether the printer they bought met them. You will also learn of any companies whose customer service and product support may be less than ideal.

If you read these reviews you will find that very few problems occur with the mechanics of the printer but are more usually caused by the users. It is amazing how often people will buy sophisticated machines yet fail to read the manual. Common complaints are issues involving the paper and toner. Toners need to be kept in dry areas as damp affects them and that can lead to problems. Try to position your printer in a well ventilated area and have them regularly serviced in order to keep them in top working condition. Your laser printer copiers should last for a long time provided you take care of them.

When looking at copiers for sale it helps if you know the differences between the various models on the market. You should also have an idea of your budget as it will help reduce the number of copiers you need to look at. There are so many models on the market today, it is easy to become confused so it helps if you first think of all the functions you would like to see in the machine. You also need to decide if you want to buy new or have a look at the used copiers’ sale pages. Finally some people will have a preference when it comes to brand names with some only wanting to buy Sharp copiers while others don’t really care so long as it is a brand name they recognize. Xerox is one brand everyone knows.

Look for a digital copier in copiers for sale listings

You will probably want to buy a digital copier. The old fashioned analog copiers are much slower partly because the process of copying your documents is more involved. They used an internal mirror and static electricity to copy and create an image on the drum. In a similar way to the workings of a laser printer, this image was then transferred to paper by heating up the toner and attaching it to the fibers of the paper.

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A digital copier will digitally scan the document onto the memory. The internal laser will then imprint the image on to the drum. Toner is then applied and your paperwork is printed out. Because the machine works from the memory you have the choice of how the document is delivered. Depending on the machine you purchase, in additional to being able to print a hard copy you can also send them electronically via email or as a fax. It is very difficult to tell the original from the copy if you have used a digital copier. There are no streaks or funny marks that you often got with an analog copier. Don’t let the initial price of the digital copier put you off. Yes it is more expensive than most of the analog models but the toner cartridges tend to last much longer which means that over time you will save money. It may also use less electricity.

What to look for in copiers for sale?

When looking for copiers for a business buy slightly more functionality than you need at present. Your hope will be that your business continues to grow. You do not want to buy copiers on sale and realize in less than 6 months you have outgrown that particular model. This also holds true for technology which advances very quickly. When Microsoft VISTA was launched and people switched over they often found their copiers were not compatible. So check the canon copier or other model you are buying is compatible with your software system.

If possible go to see the copiers in action and bring some of the paper you would normally use to print documents. When you see a copier you like, ask for a live demonstration using your own paper so you can see exactly what the results are. When you are satisfied this is the right model for you don’t just buy it there in the shop. You can often find Xerox deals if you shop around. You can also try asking the salesman if he will give you a discount for cash. If he can’t give you a reduced price he may throw in some toners or even some paper. In this difficult economy it is sometimes surprising what you can achieve just by asking the question. Don’t be shy!

Black & White Printers are available in inkjet, laser and thermal models. The right one for you will depend on the type of printing you are going to be doing the majority of the time. It helps when you know the difference between the three types.

Types of black white printers

Inkjet printers use nozzles to transfer the ink directly to the paper. They can either be a thermal bubble which are often called bubble jet printers, or a piezoelectric. The Bubble jet printers are the most common but if you want really great image quality you should look at Epsom piezoelectric printers. Inkjet printers have become much cheaper in recent years but they are only suitable for you are printing small quantities. The cartridges are expensive and do not last for long so you could end up spending all your profits on keeping your printer in ink.

Laser printers use positive and negative charges to print a document. They are relatively quick, quite cheap to use and great for producing text documents. But if you are going to be printing graphics or photos you will need a photo quality laser printer with high resolution. But you will probably still find the quality of the printed image will not match that produced by the inkjet printers. So this is not the black and white printer for you if you want to print lots of graphics.

Thermal printers are not as widely used in home offices or small business as inkjet or laser printers but this may change given advances in technology. They work by applying heat to a waxed ribbon which runs between the print head and the paper. They tend to be found in shops and retail outlets who use them to print your credit card receipts. They are also very useful for printing barcodes as this type of printing produces a result which is less likely to smudge or fade than the above alternative black and white printers.

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How do you decide which black and white printer to purchase?

Your purchasing decision will be influenced by the amount of money you have to spend. Always shop around so that you can make those dollars go further. Look at the print speed if you are going to be printing quite a few pages at a time on a regular basis. If you are going to print graphics or photos you will also want to look at the resolution too.

You have already made the first choice i.e. you have chosen to purchase a monochrome printer as opposed to a color one. If you only print text documents this is all you should need. If buying a laser printer, you should take the cost of the toner cartridges into account when making your purchasing decision. Some people will advise you to use generic cartridges but this may invalidate your warranty so you should check the manufacturers guidelines if this s something you intend doing. One way around this problem is to use the recommended brand until the warranty runs out, usually after a year, and then use the cheaper generic cartridges. If you care about the environment you may want to look at the costs of using refilled cartridges rather than new ones every time you run out. Also don’t just assume you only have to change the toner. Some brands will require you to change the toner and the drum every so often which will obviously increase the expenses associated with this product.

Thermal printers are more suited to those involved in retail operations. If you need to print barcodes for stock or credit card receipts for sales you might want to consider one of these printers. Make sure the one you purchase is compatible with your computer.

Regardless of whether you buy a laser or you decide that an inkjet printer is the one for you, check out the black and white printer reviews so that you can make an informed purchasing decision. You would be surprised at the differences that exist between even the top four brands i.e. Epsom, HP, Samsung and Canon printers.

Black & white laser printers are found in most offices today be they home or commercial businesses. The laser printer has been extremely popular almost since it was introduced by Xerox in the late 70′s. So how do these printers work?

Black & white laser printers

When you want to print a document using black & white laser printers you will send the command via your laptop or PC. The printer is managed by a small internal computer. Some of the more advanced ones will have the ability to queue up different jobs so it can handle a number of printing jobs at once which increased its popularity as an effective business tool.

A laser printer works using positive and negative charges. Depending on the make this process can be reversed but in general the internal drum will hold a positive charge. The internal laser will create an electrostatic image on the drum using a negative charge. When this is passed through the toner, the ink will cling to the electrostatic image as it is attracted to the negative charge. When this image is transferred to the paper, the toner is heated slightly making it stick to the paper fibers. A discharge lamp clears the drum of all images making it ready for the next printing job. This all happens incredibly quickly resulting in a very speedy print runs.

But it also means that Laser printers are more suitable for the smaller print jobs i.e. ones not involving large posters or complicated images as their memory can become full very quickly. When you are buying your printer look for memory capability of at least 4 MB which is fine for most small businesses. But if you want a faster printer you may want to increase both the memory size and the page rate or PPM as it is known. Most basic printers will have a 20 page per minute rate which may be too slow if you are going to be printing a lot.

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Black & white laser printer features

The main feature that people like about these types of printers is they are very economical to use. They may initially cost more than an inkjet printer but the running costs tend to be lower. Toner cartridges are usually cheaper than inkjet ones. With an inkjet printer you have to use a specific type of paper which can be expensive. There is no requirement for this with a laser printer. When you go to buy your printer look at the costs of the replacement toner cartridges as it can vary from brand to brand. But remember that although they may seem expensive, each one is capable of printing many pages.

Other features you might want to consider are the fact that most black and white laser printers are designed for printing text. If you want to print photos you need to look for a photo quality laser printer which are available but cost more.

What else should you look at when choosing a black white laser printer?

Check the printer resolution especially if you are going to be printing a lot of graphics. If this is the case, to get best results you need to be looking at 2400 X 2400 DPI at least.

Black and white laser printer reviews are worth reading as you will be able to see what other people thought of different brands. You can see at a glance what they liked and disliked and how that information relates to your personal requirements. For example if you always use medium weight paper when printing the fact that a certain brand doesn’t print properly on heavy paper is not relevant to your purchasing decision.

You should buy a recognized brand name as not only as they tend to provide higher quality products but they also provide an after care service in case something goes wrong. Samsung, Brother, HP and Epsom are some of the most recognized on the market today. Although technology improvements are fantastic, the more sophisticated a device the more it can go wrong. You do not want to be left with a black & white laser printer you can’t use.